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Withstand voltage test



DC High Voltage Generator for Withstand Voltage Test

Product description
It is mainly used for DC withstand voltage test & leak current test of zinc oxide lightning arrester, cable and similar electric equipment.
It is adopted high frequency switching power supply, without any interference with electric voltage wave, stable data. 
The output voltage divide into coarse turning and fine turning, and be able to precision turning to needed voltage value.
Over current, over voltage and zero position starting protection function.
It can directly test leak current reference value under 1mA and 0.75u.


 Technical parameters:
1. Voltage level: 60-400KV
2. Leakage current: 1-10mA
3. Ripple parameters: <5%
Test equipment reference:
1. 60KV DC high voltage generator for under voltage level of 10KV;
2. 100KV DC high voltage generator for voltage level of 35KV;
3. 200KV DC high voltage generator for voltage level of 110KV;
4. 300KV DC high voltage generator for voltage level of 220KV;
5. Tested leakage current is selected according to capacitance of test object; generally, 2mA is enough.