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Automative six phase protection relay test set



 Automative six phase protection relay test set


  1. Output voltage or current flexible combination
  2. Operation mode: the device could be directly connected to computer;
  3. DSP control for output part, fast calculation and start work immediately after turning on;
  4. Strong software functions are able to finish complicated correction works;
  5. Store and scan test data and display pictures; connect to computer to print test reports;
  6. DC current output for sole use and assemble one line of 110V and 220V adjustable DC current output;
  7. With USB COM port available;
  8. Excellent self-protection, good heat dissipation, self-diagnose and lock functions.


Technical Parameters:
AC current output

  1. Every single phase output current (under six-phase current output, valid value): 0-30A, output accuracy 0.2degree
  2. Every single phase output current(under three-phase current output, valid value): 0-60A;
  3. Six-phase parallel output current(valid value): 0-180A;
  4. Phase current long working value(valid): 10A;
  5. Phase current max output power: 300VA;
  6. Max output power at six-phase parallel max output current: 1000VA
  7. Working time of six-phase parallel max output current: 10s
  8. Frequency range(Fundamental wave): 20-10000Hz
  9. Harmonic number: 1-20 times

DC current output:

  1. Output current: 0~±10A/phase, output accuracy: 0.5 degree
  2. Max output load voltage: 20V

AC voltage output:

  1. Phase voltage output(valid value): 0~120V output accuracy: 0.2 degree
  2. Wire voltage output(valid value): 0~240V
  3. Phase voltage/wire voltage output power: 80VA / 100VA
  4. Frequency range(Fundamental wave): 20~1000Hz
  5. Harmonic number: 1~20 times

DC voltage output:

  1. Phase voltage output amplitude: 0160V, output accuracy: 0.5 degree;
  2. Wire voltage output amplitude: 0320V
  3. Phase voltage/wire voltage output power: 70VA / 140VA

Switching value:

  1. 8-way switch input
  2. Idle contact: 1~20mA, 24V
  3. Potential contact access:"0:  0 ~ +6V; "1":+11 V ~ +250 V
  4. 4pairs of switches output:  DC:220 V/0.2 A;AC:220 V/0.5 A
  5. Time measurement range: 0.1ms~9999s, accuracy<0.1ms



Model DWG-106
Current Standard six-phase
Voltage Standard six-phase
AC current output range 30A/phase or 180A(Six in parallel)
DC current output range 10A DC/phase
AC voltage output range 120V AC/phase
DC voltage output range 160V DC/phase