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Trace moisture tester / Moisture tester / Moisture analyzer



Trace moisture tester / Moisture tester / Moisture analyzer


  1. 240x128 LCD screen, no logo buttons
  2. Adopted switch constant-current source circuit electrolysis(Patent technology), reduce power loss;
  3. Portable and battery attached(selectable), working continuously for 8hours after full charging of battery, and it can display and test battery power;
  4. High accuracy of testing electrodes signal and circuit;
  5. Revise testing results by electrolyte blank current & balance point flow compensation;
  6. Three calculation formulas for clients'choice, auto calculate moisture ratio;
  7. Ten grades stirring speed adjust and ten grades electrolyte increase adjust;
  8. Be able to measure electrodes open circuit fault and short circuit faults;
  9. Auto store up to 255pcs of history records with time mark;
  10. Have a calendar clock with temperature compensation, auto record testing time and date, working time is more than 10years under power down condition;
  11. Screen protection function, auto-close LCD screen if no operation for long time, press any key to withdraw protection status;
  12. USB port available to connect with computer.


 Technical Parameters;

1. Tester accuracy
    Electrode moisture     Accuracy
     10ug~1000ug           ±2ug
      >1000ug                  0.2%

2. Electrical parameter
    Testing range: 0ug-100mg
     Resolution ratio: 0.1ug
     Max electrode speed: 40ug/s
     Voltage of power supply: AC 220V±20%
     Max power loss: 30W
     Environment temperature: 10-35
     Environment humidity: 85%