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3 Phase Transformer Turn Ratio Tester



3 Phase Transformer Turn Ratio Tester

3 phase transformer turn ratio tester is used for measuring turn ratio of three-phase transformer, Z winding transformer, rectifier transformer and balancing transformer.

1. It is specially used for measuring transformers' turn ratio and phase difference;
2. It is quite suitable for measuring rectifier transformer with phase shift, and directly display      the phase shift angle;
3. Auto produce stable amplitude and stable phase angle three-phase(120 degree) or two-     phase(90 degree) power supply;
4. Without any effect of wired connection inside the transformer, directly test voltage rate         and phase angle difference at high & low voltage;
5. Measuring three-phase at the same time;
6. One time settling test parameters, directly test after converting of tap switch,                automatically decide tap position and standard turn ratio after converting;
7. Over current & high and low voltage reversed connection protection;
8. Be able to store test data and print test reports;
9. Be able to store 99 pieces of test results;
10. LCD screen display, English menu.



 Technical Parameters:
1. Turn ratio test range: 1~5000
2. Groups test range: 1~12
3. Angle test range: 0~360 degree
4. Accuracy of turn ratio test: Turn ratio range 1~1000: 0.2 level
5. Turn ratio resolution: 0.0001
6. Angle resolution: 0.01 degree
7. Power supply: 220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz