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Zinc Oxide Type Lightning Arrester Tester



 Direct manufacturer of zinc oxide type lightning arrester tester

Product Description:
It is used to measure resistive current, capacitive current and AC characteristics of zinc oxide lightning arrester over 35KV.
Test items: Full current, resistive current, capacitive current, active power and working voltage.


 Technical parameters:
1.Test parameters and range
    Full current (peak value): 0~20mA
   Three times harmonic current: 0~20mA
    Resistive current (peak value): 0~20mA
    Capacitive current (peak value): 0~20mA
    Lightning arrester power loss: 0~8W (PT is 1:1)
    The tester is also able to show voltage and full current waveform.

2. Test error:
    Test voltage: ±5%
     Full current: ±2%
     Resistive current: ±5%
     Capacitive current: ±5%
     Lightning arrester power loss: ±5%

3. Input signal:
    Voltage signal (Low voltage side of PT): AC 5~200V
    Current signal: AC 0~20mA

4. Working power supply:
    AC 220V±10% 50Hz