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Transformer Tester



 Test items:

1. Loop resistance measurement

2. Insulation resistance measurement

3. Withstand voltage test

4. Short-term resistance current capacity test

5. All kinds of relays, contactors test

6. The breaker switching-closing time, speed character test

7. High-low voltage switch turn on/off test

According the above requirements, we plan to adopt and design a set of high-low voltage switch integrated test device to complete.

Functions of the test systems;

It can used for high-low voltage switch loop resistance measurement, insulation resistance measurement, ac withstand voltage test, withstand current test, breaker character test, different kinds of replays and contactors test, high-low voltage switch cabinet factory acceptance test. It can supply all kinds of ac, dc power, which is convenient for different test items. Each system can connected with each other to get the integrated control on the test table.


Technical Parameters;

Output voltage & current:

Three-phase AC 100V output (Fixed)

Three-phase AC 0-10A output ( <100V, adjustable)

Single-phase 24V, 36V,110V, 220V DC fixed output

AC operate output voltage:

AC 0-400V, current less than 10A at 220V

DC operate output voltage: DC 0-260V one group

Single-phase AC 220V (fixed)

Three-phase AC 380V (fixed)

Output short-term resistance current capacity test:

Capacity: 10KVA

Output voltage: AC 5V

Output current: 0-2000A

Power-frequency withstand voltage test;

Capacity: 5-10KVA

Output voltage: AC 50KV, 100KV