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Transformer Test Equipment



 Multifunctional Transformer Test Bench

Product Description:

DWBCT-III transformer comprehensive testing equipment is widely used for power supply system, transformer producing company, electrical laboratory etc. It contains many different testing functions into one machine, such as controlling, monitor, testing, protection and so on. With features of easily installation, stable quality and accurately testing data.

We are able to design and produce this testing equipment as per our customers requirement to make it work automatically, micro-computer control, effective, safely operation. Windows Chinese & English operation interface, automatically collect test data, calculating and effect & printing testing reports.

The test data can be stored and printed out for your closer checking.


Product functions;

The following functions can be selectable, and OEM service available if you have any special requirement. Our professional engineers will design and work out some special functions for you if needed.

1.      Transformer No-load loss measurement (Automatically adjust to rated voltage under non-rated.);

2.      Transformer No-load current measurement (Automatically calculate no-load current percentage.);

3.      Transformer Load loss measurement (Automatically adjust to rated current & revised temperature.);

4.      Transformer impedance measurement(Automatically adjust to impeded voltage percentage under rated current & revised temperature);

5.      Transformer winding dc resistance measurement;

6.      Transformer turn ratio group measurement;

7.      Transformer power-frequency withstand voltage test;

8.      Transformer induced(frequency-doubling) withstand voltage test;

9.      Transformer temperature rise test;

10.  Partial discharge test;

11.  External induction voltage regulator control(load & no-load test), input/output voltage, current monitoring and over-current protection;

12.  Voltage/Current transformer shift control

13.  Single-phase voltage regulator control(power frequency test), input/output voltage, current monitoring and over-current protection;

14.  The Start, stop, voltage adjustable control of generator, Automatically time keeping of induction test.

15.  Monitoring and Protecting of generators output voltage, output current and output frequency.

16.  2 kinds of operation modes(push-button control & microcomputer operations.).

17.  Advantage PLC controller adopted.

18.  Video monitoring function around testing area.


Technical Parameters;

1.      Capacity of tested transformer: 50KVA~1000MVA;

Voltage level: 6KV, 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, 330KV, 500KV, 750KV, 1000KV.

2.      The accuracy of direct current testing: 0.2%;

Testing current: 2A, 5A, 10A, 20A

Testing area: 2

3.      Turn Ratio Testing accuracy: 0.2%

Testing area: 1~5000

4.      No-load & load current, short circuit resist testing accuracy: 0.2%;

No-load & load loss testing accuracy: 0.2%±0.05D

Power factor: 0.01-1.00

5.      Output voltage of AC withstand voltage: 0-1000KV

6.      Output Voltage of induced withstand voltage: 800V~20kV~80kV

 Controlling interface & Testing interface for your reference;